Sultan Mahmood Muhaddas Jalalpuri Read Online


Sultan Mahmood Muhaddas Jalalpuri Read Online” Sultan Mahmood Muhaddis is one of the most prominent names in the subcontinent and India in general and in Pakistan, especially those who have devoted their lives to the spread of knowledge and religion.

He relieved himself of his duty and relinquished the sacrificial offerings. That is why thousands of worthy and devoted disciples of Great Student are devoted to Shabbat daily in Pak-India today.

Sultan Mahmood Muhaddas Jalalpuri Read Online

Sultan Mahmood Muhaddas Jalalpuri Read Online

Sheikh Mohammed’s dedication to his mission was immense. Allah Almighty bestowed them with immense courage and courage.

He reached the level of perfection in patience and contentment. He was also mentioned in bed and death, and was busy praying. He was very well-communicated with his colleagues.

The book under consideration is one of the specialties of his own which is appreciated by Mr. Rafiq Asri Sahib in memory of the life and services of his teacher.

In addition to highlighting the various aspects of his character, his religious services have been highly paid tribute. May Allaah reward both of them with a reward. Amen.



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