Periods Problums Treatment Of Celery Water


Obesity is a disease that many people do not even understand. Hanging abdomen and gaining weight is not a sign of health in any way. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases.

Obesity is the cause of many diseases, especially in women. Obesity in women is often caused by menstrual problems …

Periods Problums Treatment Of Celery Water

Periods Problums Treatment Of Celery Water

Today we are going to tell you a simple recipe that is very beneficial for women who have become obese due to poor periods.

Celery is called the king of spices. It has the natural power to fight many diseases. Drinking celery water daily can reduce obesity rapidly.

Drinking celery water increases the body’s ability to metabolize, which leads to the process of melting fat.

Ingredients for making celery water:

* Half a teaspoon of celery
1 glass of water
* Lemon juice half a teaspoon
* Honey a teaspoon

* How to make celery water

Soak the celery in a glass of water overnight. Then filter this water in the morning. Then mix lemon juice in water and then mix a spoonful of honey well.

This water is to be drunk daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

* Caution in using celery water

Celery has a very warm effect, so do not use it on young girls who have not yet started menstruating. People who suffer from heat should also not use this prescription.

Healthcare advises to take care of some essential things to eliminate obesity. Avoid rice and sugar products. Avoid potatoes, sugar, fast foods and fatty foods.

Use a simple diet. Increase consumption of vegetables and lentils. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. But don’t drink water for at least an hour after eating …


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