Kelly Osbourne Biography & weight loss Tips


Kelly Osbourne Biography & weight loss Tips The reality TV star turned pop musician, actress and It – girl has her own experimental brand of beauty that makes her a true icon. The daughter of legendary rock musician Ozzy Osbourne.

Kelly sprang to fame when the reality TV show based on her eccentric family’s life became a surprise hit. She used her new – found popularity to launch careers in singing and acting, and quickly became notorious for her individuality and forthright opinions.

Kelly Osbourne Biography & weight loss Tips

Kelly Osbourne Biography & True Colours Tips

Kelly’s beauty style is unique and adventurous too. She loves dying her hair, and she experiences with bright make-up colors and different formulas to create a look that’s all her own.

Kelly has a well-publicized battle with her weight, but she is happy with a curvy figure and focuses on being healthy not thin. Find out more about her ever – changing beauty style.


She was born on October 27, 1984 in London, UK. Her style icon is Debbie Harry from Blondie. She hates people touching her, especially on her collarbones. She was the face of the UK’s high street jewelery chain Accessorize. She collects paintings of old movie stars, particularly Marilyn Monroe.

She modeled in the Fashion for Relief show in New York to support victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Get Every Folk Kelly Goose For A Glamorous Beach Babe Folk With Blonde Hair, Syncsd Coin & Aqua S.


Kelly washes her hair and parts it on the side. She then blow dries it using a round barrelled brush to create a flirty movie – star flick at the ends. A big floral clip accessorises the look.


She applies aqua powder shadow across her lid, lower lash line and in the inner C of her eye. Long false lashes and black liquid liner, followed by three coats of black volumising mascara, create dramatic definition.


Mattifying primer and cream foundation give Kelly’s skin a flawless finish. To tan her body she mixes liquid bronzer with her body lotion.


To lift her complexion , Kelly applies plenty of powder bronzer onto the apples of her cheeks , then blends the colour upwards and outwards Shimmery, coral gloss gives her lips simple polish.


Kelly is a cool medium with naturally dark hair and green eyes. But lightening her hair and tanning her skin allows her to wear a wider range of shades like bronze. coral and aqua


Kelly has a petite but voluptuous apple figure , with a full bust , rounded tum , cury arms and slimmer hips and legs. Her weight fluctuates because of her changing diet and exercise routine, but she loves to show off her body in edgy, fashionable clothes that skim her womanly curves.


She admits that it takes hard work to keep in shape. When it’s time to tone up and shed fat Kelly uses a personal trainer – running and weight resistance training are the most effective exercises for her.

Kelly loves fast food, takeaways and chocolate , but tries to stick to healthier protein – heavy meals with wholegrain carbs and fresh salads.


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