Hemorrhoids Causes Precautions and Treatment


Hemorrhoids Causes Precautions and Treatment” Hemorrhoids are a disease caused by a disorder in the functioning of the intestines. The disease is more common in winter than in summer. because in winter we usually drink less water. It causes pain.

Hemorrhoids Causes Precautions and Treatment

Hemorrhoids Causes Precautions and Treatment


Hemorrhoids can be caused by chronic constipation, overuse of poultry, sour and salty foods, rapid laxatives and constant medication, lethargy, laziness, and other causes in women, as well as menopause and pregnancy.


Hemorrhoids can also be caused by drugs, cola drinks, bakery products, frequent consumption of large meats, eggplant, lentils, tea and smoking.

People in Pakistan and India eat a lot of spicy food. Lack of continuity, coherence, coherence and balance in the life system is a major cause of this disease.

Other causes of the disease include unbalanced diet, untimely eating, eating without hunger, drinking small amounts of water, mental disorders or depression.

Jaundice can also be caused by the liver not producing fresh blood. It can also happen with diabetes. Prolonged sitting in a chair is also included.


* Include 6 to 10 glasses of water in your daily routine.
* Avoid the use of tea and cigarettes on an empty stomach.
* Must include raw vegetables as a salad in every season and every meal.
* Always cook meat mixed with vegetables.
* Rice-loving ladies and gentlemen, when making palao and biryani, keep more vegetables instead of spices.
* Quit sleeping and lying down immediately after eating.
* Keep cola drinks away from handkerchiefs.


* Boiling beetroot in water and drinking a cup of this water one hour before breakfast in the morning reduces the severity of chronic hemorrhoids. Many people in Europe and Asia use beetroot as a salad with boiled food.

Soaking 5 to 7 figs at night and drinking water in the morning not only saves you from both types of hemorrhoids but also protects you from the attack of hemorrhoids forever.

Olive oil is of special importance in hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids become warts and pimples, apply gynecomassage oil and gynecoma paste on them. Apply to the anus at least three times a day.

There will be relief from burning, itching and pain. Use olive oil in food. Drink a teaspoon of olive oil at some point in the morning or evening. It relieves constipation and strengthens the stomach and intestines.

Porridge is very useful in food

The Beloved of Allah, the Physician of Physicians, said, “It cleanses the stomach as one of you washes his face with water and removes dirt from it.”

A beautiful example because it contains a lot of fine fiber. It swells in the stomach and accelerates the process of defecation by creating a burden on the intestines.


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