Diabetes Obesity & Kidney Diseases Treatment


Diabetes Obesity & Kidney Diseases Treatment” Too much sugar is too much for the body? Different experts answer this question with different statistics. A recent study found that people should consume only 50 grams of sugar a day.

That’s less than 4 teaspoons or a can of soft drink. Consumption of 25 grams or 2 teaspoons of sugar daily is medically beneficial.

Diabetes Obesity & Kidney Diseases Treatment

Diabetes Obesity & Kidney Diseases Treatment

Medical experts even call it the poison of the modern age and if you are also keen on sweets, then in the light of scientific medical research reports find out what effects you may have to suffer.

Feeling hungry all the time

A hormone called leptin tells the body when it has eaten in moderation. People who develop resistance to this hormone never receive a signal to fill their stomachs and this is a major obstacle to weight control.

Some medical research reports suggest that leptin resistance is one of the effects of obesity, but a study in rats found that too much sugar was used, especially in syrups that contained cold drinks. Normally, it directly raises leptin levels more than normal and reduces the body’s sensitivity to this hormone.


In countries where sugar consumption is high, the rate is much higher. A study of 51,000 women found that people who consumed soft drinks such as cold drinks, sweetened ice and energy drinks,

They also carry a higher risk of diabetes, as well as another study of more than 300,000 people in support of the findings that too much cold drink consumption not only leads to weight gain. It can also lead to type 2 diabetes.

Kidney diseases

Consumption of sugary foods and too many soft drinks can also increase the risk of kidney disease, according to a study. Consumption of sugary drinks can damage the kidneys, according to research, the link between kidney damage and sweet drinks. In people who drank 2 or 3 cold drinks a day,

The researchers said that there was evidence of a strong link between excessive consumption of cold drinks and kidney disease. When he was given a good diet, his kidneys gradually stopped working and his volume increased.


Obesity is one of the major risks of over-consumption of sugar, with just one can of cold drink a day can lead to a weight gain of 3 kg per year, while each can of soda greatly increases the risk of obesity. Of course,

It is clear that the use of cold drinks is harmful to health, but the relationship between other sweet foods and obesity is quite complex. Sugar can directly increase the risk of obesity, but also more such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome or habits. Dietary intake and lack of exercise also contribute to obesity, according to one study.

Liver diseases

Too much sugar forces your liver to work harder and increases the risk of liver failure, according to a study. The way our body uses sugar is enough to make the liver tired and unbalanced.

Research has shown that too much sugar can lead to fatty liver disease and that the fat gradually builds up in the liver, in people who consume twice as many soft drinks as the average person.

The disease is more commonly diagnosed, most people with fatty liver disease often do not have symptoms and that is why they do not become aware of it for a long time.

Cause of blood pressure

Salt is commonly thought to cause high blood pressure or high blood pressure, but eating too much sugar can also lead to this deadly disease.


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