China To Supply Corona Vaccines Worldwide


China is preparing to supply millions of doses of its Corona vaccine worldwide.

According to a CNN report, there are rows of white chambers in the warehouses of Shenzhen International Airport, outside of which the inside temperature can be seen from the display.

The report said that every person entering this part of the warehouse must either be in full quarantine for 2 weeks or wear a protective suit from head to toe.

China To Supply Corona Vaccines Worldwide

China To Supply Corona Vaccines Worldwide

These special rooms cover a total of 350 square meters and will soon be filled with Chinese-made cod 19 vaccines, awaiting regulatory approval.

Delivered in Special Rooms

Once delivered in special rooms, the corona vaccines will be stored in cargo plane controlled temperature compartments and then shipped to countries around the world.

In the coming months, China will send millions of doses of the corona virus vaccine to countries where trials of the vaccine are currently being conducted by its companies.

The Chinese leadership has also promised to provide access to successful vaccines to developing countries on a priority basis.

According to Yan Zhonghuang

According to Yan Zhonghuang, a global health expert at the US Council on Foreign Relations, the vaccines will be used by China to increase its international influence.

In China, 5 vaccines from 4 companies have entered the final phase of human trial and regulatory approval will be obtained after their results.

Due to the low number of cases of corona virus in China, the final phase of vaccines is being tested in at least 16 countries, including Pakistan.

In return, most of these countries will be given initial access to successful vaccines and, in some cases, technology for local preparation.

Synovik Biotech has not yet completed the vaccine, but has agreed to supply 46 million doses to Brazil and 50 million doses to Turkey.

Ken Sino Biologics is working on a trial of the vaccine in five countries, of which Mexico will provide 35 million doses.

China National Biotech Group

China National Biotech Group (China’s state-owned China Pharmaceutical Group or Synoform) is developing two vaccines, the third phase of which is being tested in 10 countries.

The vaccines have also been approved for emergency use, but the company did not elaborate on agreements with countries, but said the UAE would receive 75 million to 100 million doses next year.

Sinofarm chairman Liu Jingzin said last month that dozens of countries had expressed interest in buying the company’s vaccines.

He did not name the countries or doses provided to them, but said they were capable of delivering more than a billion doses by 2021.

Photo courtesy of CNN

China is also ahead of other countries in that the Corona epidemic is now under control and it does not need to provide vaccines to its population on an emergency basis.

According to Yan Zhonghuang, this will benefit China and enable it to enter into agreements with countries where vaccines are needed.

In the United States, the Trump administration is giving priority to the American people over China, and then to other countries.

So far we have not heard that the United States has promised to provide a small percentage of the vaccine to poor countries, so it would be better for China to use the vaccine for foreign policy purposes,” said Yang Zhonghuang. There will be an opportunity.

World Health Organization

In October this year, China became part of a World Health Organization-sponsored global project aimed at ensuring the immediate and equitable delivery of COD 19 vaccines to rich and poor countries.

The plan, dubbed Kovacs, aims to discourage governments from stockpiling corona vaccines and to focus on providing vaccines to people most at risk in each country.

The United States has refused to be part of a plan that fills the gap in global medical leadership.

Especially The Developing World

From the beginning, the Chinese leadership has repeatedly insisted that Chinese vaccines be shared with others, especially the developing world.

Several countries involved in China’s Belt and Road project have been affected by the Corona epidemic, and Chinese officials have recently stepped up talks on the Health Silk Road.

In May this year, the Chinese president pledged 2 billion over the next two years to help countries mitigate the effects of the epidemic.

China has offered

China has offered 1 billion in loans to Latin American countries and the Caribbean to gain access to corona vaccines.

Unlike Pfizer and Moderina vaccines, Chinese vaccines will have a significant advantage, meaning they will not need too many negative temperatures to be safe.

This will facilitate their transportation and distribution, especially in developing countries where cold storage facilities are not available.

Health Organization’s Department

Kate O’Brien, director of the World Health Organization’s Department of Immunization and Vaccines, likened vaccine preparation to building a base camp on Mount Everest during a news conference last month.


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