7 Home Online Remedies For Upset Stomach


The stomach is that the organ that the majority people suffer from, now whether it’s gas, constipation, indigestion or indigestion, it affects everyone in one form or another.

7 Home Online Remedies For Upset Stomach

7 Home Online Remedies For Upset Stomach

But there are some things or prescriptions around you which will help improve your indigestion naturally.

Carrot and mint juice

Strange to listen to , but this mixture is beneficial when it helps to urge obviate your stomach problems. Carrots provide nutrition while mint solves gastrointestinal problems. Just boil four cups of chopped carrots, four cups of water and a teaspoon of dried mint on medium heat for fifteen minutes then mix this mixture with a spoon and drink it.

Rice tea

Try using rice ‘tea’ to stop cholera. Boil half a cup of rice in six cups of water for fifteen minutes, then remove the rice and blend honey or sugar within the water and drink it.

Apple vinegar

If you’ve got difficulty digesting food or are bothered by gas, mix a teaspoon of apple vinegar , a teaspoon of honey during a cup of warm water and drink it, it’ll reduce your anxiety. This mixture also reduces the consequences of heartburn.

Raisins, peaches, plums

If you suffer from constipation, try a diet rich in fruits and berries, like cherries, raisins, peaches and burn plant . These are all fiber-rich things that help relieve constipation by stimulating your gastrointestinal system .


If you’ve got a stomach ache, try using yogurt. The presence of bacteria in it, which is taken into account good for the stomach, reduces indigestion and boosts the body’s system . Just confine mind that using fat-free yogurt without sugar will only benefit you.


Fennel is rich in vitamins and minerals that kill the bad bacteria that cause indigestion, gas, etc. and upset the stomach. Use a number of it after meals or try it just in case of gas.


Place a bottle of predicament or a hot pad on your aching stomach, as heating increases blood flow to the skin surface and may be helpful in relieving indigestion .


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